How to Prepare

Before the conference

  1. Watch the welcome video.
    Unsure what the virtual conference will look like? Take a look at the welcome video for a step-by-step guide on the conference platform.
  2. Practice your brag story*.
    When an exhibitor asks you about your career goals and how your experiences are preparing you to be successful, you should be prepared with a one-minute concise answer. Good interpersonal skills, confidence and enthusiasm for working in accounting and auditing will frequently land you an interview.
  3. Update your resume and have it ready to upload.
    If you are looking for a professional position, show it by having your resume prepared. Have a digital copy ready to share with exhibitors.
  4. Research companies in advance.
    Review the list of exhibitors to find company descriptions, lists of positions available and company websites. Make note of the top 15 exhibitors you want to visit. Most students will prioritize employers on location, size, practice area and the relationship the employer has to their school.
  5. Develop 3 questions to ask exhibitors.
    Have an opening question ready when you meet exhibitors. This is part of your first impression, so be prepared and make it a good one.
  6. Follow the conference on social media.
    Receive updates and reminders leading up to the conference on Twitter and Facebook.
*See your school's career center for assistance.

During the conference

  1. Check your email for login instructions.
    We'll send login information for the conference to the email you used during registration.
  2. Explore the conference app.
    Use the app to find helpful tips, plan your schedule and connect with potential employers.
  3. Introduce yourself to employers.
    Start a text or video chat with an employer via their virtual booth. Introduce yourself and tell your brag story. Follow up with your opening question.
  4. Have a plan for visiting exhibitors.
    Don't see any one-on-one slots open for your top exhibitors? Move on to the next ones on your list and circle back. Spots will open up later in the day.
  5. Take notes.
    Between exhibitors and breakout sessions, you'll meet many people. Take notes to help you remember key information and people to follow up with.

After the conference

  1. Send thank you notes.
    Send a short thank you email to the employers you're interested in within one to two days of the conference. Hand write (yes, snail mail) short notes to those employers who you're really excited about. This can be the differentiator between you and the hundreds of other students they met.
  2. Visit the sponsors’ websites.
    Besides putting on the conference, the sponsors have resources for students available on their websites. Learn more about the sponsors and what they offer students.
  3. Update your resume.
    Did you attend a resume and interview tips one-on-one consult? Update your resume with what you learned so it's ready to be sent to potential employers.

Sponsoring organizations